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Ecozar Technologies

We provide future of energy

Ecozar Technologies is a leading solar energy company in Nigeria; we carry out sales and professional installation of quality renewable energy equipment. The company is made up of dedicated solar energy professionals and engineers who undertake the design and installation of solar energy and inverter power backup solutions for our clients.

Founded almost a decade ago, we have successfully provided solar energy services in residential and commercial facilities across Nigeria, in farms, industries, factories, cold rooms, filling stations, banks, schools, hospitals, estates, churches, mosques, street lights, solar water heater, and solar boreholes, etc.

We have an expansive array of power boosters, tier one solar panels, hybrid inverters, Mppt charge controllers, Trojan, VRLA, and Lithium batteries, wind power solutions, and installation tools that have demonstrated high efficiency which we deployed to ensure the power needs of our clients are well met.

With several manufacturers engaged in the production of solar energy equipment, it is difficult for just anyone to carefully select the best from different manufacturers and put them together for optimum efficiency, which is what we do at Ecozar.

The renewable energy arena is constantly evolving and we are keeping pace, networking with strategic partners that will enable us to remain the best solar energy company in Nigeria.


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